The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

fppw The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences is one of 11 faculties at Ghent University. It takes the lead in a number of academic Bachelor and Masters level programmes: Psychology, Educational Sciences, Social Work, and teacher Education.
The faculty started in 1927 as an educational institute within the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy and evolved into an independent faculty in 1969.
In 1973, the faculty moved into the building on the Dunantlaan 2, in which it still resides today. Campus Dunant has now expanded with another building on the Dunantlaan 1 and more classrooms and offices added to the original building. The faculty’s homepage can be visited here. fppw


The city of Ghent

The history of Ghent began in the year 630, when St Amandus chose the site of the confluence (or ‘Ganda’) of the two rivers, the Lys and the Scheldt, to construct an abbey. Nearly 1400 years of history are still palpable in the city today: a medieval castle surrounded by a moat, an imposing cathedral, a belfry, three beguinages, and many more buildings and sites. Nowhere else does one find so much history per square metre than in the historical heart of Ghent.
At the time of the conference, Christmas will be just around the corner. Every year, he city of Ghent hosts the ‘Gentse Winterfeesten’ (‘Ghent’s Winter Festival’) from the beginning of December until the beginning of January. The centre is turned into a Winter Wonderland, with an ice-skating rink set up under the City Pavilion, a giant Ferris wheel located in front of St Bavo’s Cathedral allowing a panoramic views of the city, and a Christmas market with cosy stalls at the Korenmarkt. Interesting to know: The Guardian has put Ghent at number three in the ‘top 10 best Christmas shopping cities in Europe’.
For more information, you can also surf to the Visit Gent website.